Friday, July 19, 2013

A Desk and a Name

I'm writing a story for next week's Wilton Bulletin about a desk.

Of course it's not that simple.

The desk, a rolltop model (in the photo above) dates to 1875 when it was in a Wilton schoolhouse.  It was recently donated to the Wilton Historical Society.  I was asked to visit the Society, and it was suggested that I also touch base with the man who donated it.

The short version of the story is that I did reach out to the gentleman, and he responded by offering to take me to lunch to talk about the desk.

I met him today.  His name is Tom Adams.

To be honest, we spoke very little about the desk.  He handed me a collection of documents as a way of saying "sit back and enjoy your lunch."

We made discoveries.  Mr. Adams, a lawyer, has a son named Douglas.  I, in case you don't know, have a brother by that name.  We had shared experiences about life, kids, work, and college.  Similarities?  No, I don't mean that.

Most eerily?  He is my father's age.

He promised me - without prompting - that "this is the first of many lunches."

I hope so.

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