Tuesday, July 30, 2013


I walked in this morning to news that a 12-year-old boy died in a bicycle accident in Wilton.

My colleague, Chris Burns, will handle the story well for the Bulletin.  He's a good, thorough writer.

It just tears at my heart.  A family has lost a child.

No, he wasn't wearing a helmet, but right now, I'm not all that interested in that.

He's gone, and it's terrible.  His life, obviously, had just begun.  He had sports to play.  Papers to write.  College to attend.  A prom.  To fall in love.  To drive a car.

He had yet to write his story.

He had yet to make the mistakes that are so important to the human condition.

He had yet to know his own triumphs.

He's gone.  It's beyond comprehension.

I, as always, want to hug my own child a little tighter.

I would imagine you would - and will - also.

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