Friday, July 20, 2012

The Colorado Tragedy

Instead of writing inane posts about Cape Cod (I will, eventually, and they won't be inane), or bitching about clueless people (and other moaning), allow me to send you to this link from Deadspin, with news of the first "name" to come out of this mornings shooting in Colorado.

Her pen name was Jessica Redfield (given name Jessica Ghawi), and she wanted to be a sports broadcaster.  As her Twitter page said, she was "Southern.  Sarcastic.  Sass.Crass.Class."  And all she wanted to do was go see the new movie in the "Batman" franchise.

And now she is dead, along with (as of this writing) 11 other people, and dozens more injured (the number was said to be 50).  Included in the injured are an infant and another youngster, said to be six.  I'm just working off of what I've heard so far, and we can debate why such young children were at a violent movie, being shown at midnight, but I don't think we're here to have that discussion.

This is sick.  Sad.  Pathetic.

And now we have a face to put with the tragedy. 

More will follow.

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