Tuesday, July 03, 2012

I Came Home to This

Last week, Sean and I went to GlenArbor Golf Club in Bedford Hills so that I could perform my duties as producer/engineer/third wheel on "The Clubhouse", a golf/sports talk show hosted by Brian Crowell and Mark Jeffers.  Sean was amazed by the beauty of a country club, and had the chance to ride in a golf cart.  Believe me, this was exciting stuff.

He also ran around the grounds and came across three wayward golf balls.  He proudly took his new possessions home with him.

Move forward to Friday, the day when Sean was to go back to his mother.  I had to get an early start to drive up to the campground to meet Lisa, which meant leaving Sean with my mom for a few hours.  Trust me, saying good-bye to him always leaves me in a state of sadness.

I finally returned home yesterday and found, among my mail, one of the golf balls, with a note - written by Sean on a blue Post-it note.  It said:
"Hi Daddy.  Sorry I'm not here to give you the golf ball but Mommy has one and I have one so we're never too far apart.  Love, Sean"

All I could do was smile.  He's an amazing kid.

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