Thursday, July 26, 2012

No Motivation

I'm having trouble getting fired up for another day.

We are supposed to have such storms that the clown governor of New York (anyone named "Cuomo" generally earns such lack of praise from yours truly, truth by told) issued a press release warning all of us to take precaution or whatever.  Build a bomb shelter, or load up on bottled water, or something like that.  Not really sure.

I'm not criticizing him for doing so.  I'm sure his heart is in the right place.  Or he's covering his ass (as in "liability").

So I have to pull myself together and make something of this day.  Perhaps - call it a hunch - I'm just exhausted.  Yes, let's go with that.

On the more positive side, thanks to everyone for the likes and kind comments that both Lisa and I received the other day.  As I said in the post, I know her putting a relationship status online was a big step for her.  I wasn't sure that we would do that, but she felt the urge and went with it.  I also know she even felt a little awkward about posting the link to the post on her page.  But what I know about Li is that she often thinks everything through before making her decision.  I know that feeling as well and can understand it completely.  As I also wrote, I thought about not being as public, but really, why should I change now?

Hard to believe but August is just a few days away.  I've stayed very busy this summer with "The Press Box", but also with "The Clubhouse" (in my "third wheel" status).  Sadly, it seems my Hudson Valley Renegades days are over (hey, it happens), but August is the time in which I begin to get fired up for high school football.  Before we know it, practice will begin, and I'll prepare for year number 13 at the mic for Greenwich High.  As always, I find myself trying to improve the broadcasts.  It's often tough - especially given that the WGCH team has lives outside of the booth.  Chris Erway, for instance, doesn't get out of work until 6:00.  That makes it tough to get to games that begin at 7:00.  In fact, we all jump through hoops, with Ryan DeMaria and I being the ones with the longest commute.

No complaints.  We love what we do.  Plus we're talking around the WGCH homestead about growing the sports product.  That, of course, keeps me hopeful.

Huey Lewis is doing several shows in the area (some with Joe Cocker).  Bethel Woods, PNC Bank Arts Center and Jones Beach are among the metro-New York stops.  They stopped by Jimmy Kimmel's show recently (sans The News).

Well, let's see, what else?  The Yankees worry me, and I'm intrigued by the addition of Ichiro.  Weird to see, for sure.  The Steelers just opened training camp yesterday.  Their division is stronger, but I still like the Stillers chances.  By the way, anybody have a couple of tickets to the Steelers game at Giants Stadium later this year?  That would make for a nice birthday present!

OK, perhaps motivation is starting to hit.  Feeling alright, I guess.

I finally bought a new camera (yay, me) from the "life is too short" category.  Here's a test image - taken last night at Colony Grill in Fairfield, CT, where Chris "Kato" Kaelin, Sean Adams, and I were setting up for "The Clubhouse."
And, with that, I'm out of here!

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