Tuesday, August 10, 2010

JoePo Wonders About Steroids

Joe Posnanski asked what I've been wondering for some time:

What is we have been wrong about steroids?

This is required reading, friends.

There has been an obvious rush to judgment on this and we continue to watch the fallout in front of our own eyes. Now with home runs and scoring down, ratings have dropped and attendance isn't where it was.

Chicks always did dig the long ball.

History is always the ultimate judge.

Plus what has bugged me - and continues to - is the speculation. ARod was outed. Manny, Papi, Pettitte, and others have also been brought to the forefront with only a few (like Pettitte and Rodriguez) willing to "man up." In Boston, Ortiz can still do no wrong. Hmmmm...

My point is to be consistent. Plus, who else is guilty? I know who I think is, and Mets and Red Sox fans won't like it. I can think of a few other names. Then there are those who get the complete and utter free pass. I can think of a name or 10 there as well.

As for the older players, spare me. Don't tell me some (if not many) of them had some form of help (greenies, anyone?). Don't tell me that they're not happy to reap the benefits of the current ballplayers. I love the old school player, and will always take their side, but don't be hypocritical either. I hate that just as much.

I hate phonies.

So what if we were wrong? Or should I say, what if we ARE wrong?

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