Wednesday, August 04, 2010

"Get A Room"

Carrie and I went to Target here in Brooklyn yesterday to get some mundane items when we found ourselves walking among the frozen foods. For whatever reason, we shared a moment - a public display of affection. I can assure you that it wouldn't have made movie history. It was a simple peck, to be honest.

Still, it was nice. Yet as it happened - in that split-second, a woman came around the corner and said the following (out loud but under her breath): "OK...get a room."

I stood there, stunned and said the following as I walked away: "Oh no she did ent."

Yes, said with white-man-meets-the-hood emphasis.

Carrie unfortunately didn't hear it and I had to repeat it for her. She wished she had heard it because her "I don't care" antennae was up better than mine. My attitude was more of annoyance and shock than the sarcastic retort.

We've been laughing about it ever since. I love when Carrie has that attitude. One that shows she loves having me in her world and wants the world to know it. It's very good, and very refreshing, for me.

After all this time, I'd like to be somebody's number one. I sort of, kind of, just possibly think I've earned it. She deserves the same from me.

Oh, we had another good laugh later in the evening, as we were walking through her neighborhood. A young woman was in front of us with a friend of hers (at least they seemed friendly). The woman sneezed on herself - made no attempt to cover her mouth - then spit. On the sidewalk.

In front of us. We had to step around the loogie on the ground.

This, friends, is not representative of the wonderfully diverse neighborhood that Carrie lives in. It was just a momentary sign of classlessness. One that Carrie and I are still laughing about. And Carrie, who has the most wonderful laugh, was darn near breathless because she was laughing so hard.

This is why life is good these days.

Oh, and lady in Target, are you jealous?

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