Wednesday, August 04, 2010

America's Best Fans (According to Forbes)

Forbes has put together one of the dumber lists: the Best Sports fans in America.

Here is their methodology:
To make our list, we looked at every team in the “Big Four” U.S. professional sports leagues: football (NFL), basketball (NBA), baseball (MLB), and hockey (NHL). First, we measured their home and away game attendance, which indicates a team's drawing power in its home market and nationwide. Then we counted their merchandise sales. Finally, we ranked each team's in-market popularity, based on surveys. We ranked all of the teams, then took the top four from each of the four leagues.

Let's take a look:
16) Chicago Blackhawks
15) Philadelphia Phillies
14) New York Yankees
13) Cleveland Cavaliers
12) Los Angeles Lakers
11) Montreal Canadiens
10) St. Louis Cardinals
9) Dallas Cowboys
8) San Antonio Spurs
7) Boston Celtics
6) Pittsburgh Penguins
5) New England Patriots
4) Indianapolis Colts
3) Detroit Red Wings
2) Pittsburgh Steelers
1) Boston Red Sox

I think their methodology is remarkably flawed. I mean, come on. Where are the New York Giants? The Packers? The Chiefs? The New York Rangers? That's just off the top of my head.

OK, you want to put the Yankees so far down, go right ahead. All I know is visiting teams' attendance spikes when the pinstripes come to town, and they outsell the Red Sox in merchandise. The Patriots? Are you kidding me? What a front-running bunch that is. The Phillies also made me pull some hairs out. They're not even the top team in their own town (that's an Eagles town). Even the Spurs and Lakers made me laugh. And let's see what kind of fans the Cavs have now.

This one made my head spin.

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