Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Cats and Cradles

My child arrived 14 years ago today. He came to the world in the usual way, but there were games to catch and bills to pay... (with apologies to Harry Chapin)

Sean Robert Adams, the pride of a family, was born on this day in 2002. One can't help but marvel at where time has gone.

It's been said many times that Sean is Sean. I love him for that. I don't want him to be anyone else. He loves Minecraft and Super Mario Maker and Doctor Who. He loves cats. He goes on about things that are of very little interest to me, but interest me because of him.

He's among the best travel companions I'll ever know. He kept me company for every step of our drives to and from North Carolina. Oh yeah, his head is into some device, but he's there.

We're thick as thieves as father and son, and thankfully he is the most patient of kids. I've dragged him to countless games and broadcasting events.

I often think about how I've failed him. There seems to be the notion that kids must do certain things due to peer pressure. Yet he overall doesn't complain, but if it wasn't for certain moments of serendipity, he wouldn't have had some of the experiences that he has had. Certainly our trip to Vermont last August comes to mind. If it wasn't for my job, that wouldn't have happened. Yet not only was he invited, but he was a welcomed part of a gathering of adults.

He gets bullied and I talk to him about that a lot. I always want him to know that there are avenues to deal with such things.

He's a sensitive soul with a great sense of humor.

Life has dealt us curveballs that we've adjusted to. We don't do Wednesday dinners often anymore - if at all. That's on me (and thus I hear "Cats in the Cradle" playing). We've obviously had changes in our lives. I don't nearly see him enough.

We're able to try to talk about anything. He's certainly there for me, and has a mature, yet childlike approach to everything. When I was pretty annoyed about something a few weeks ago, I was able to talk to him. That's a rare gift.

He holds certain things in. I know what is hurting him, but he doesn't want to make too much of it.

I've no doubt talked about him way too much. I've shared countless pictures and stories. To a point, I apologize for that. Yet I don't.

My life changed on February 23, 2002. It's a day I'll never forget. I became a father, and there is no job I've relished more. I've screwed it up, no doubt, but I'm so proud of this kid.

I looked at his mother a few months ago and said, "He's a great kid."

He is. He's working on becoming a great young man.

Incidentally, he starts high school in the fall.

Happy birthday, Sean.

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