Sunday, February 21, 2016

Award Winner (Update: Not Really)

UPDATE: Below are the thoughts from early in the morning on Sunday, Feb. 21. A few hours later, we began to find out that there might have been a mistake. I took the post down later that evening, after I returned from Boston. In fact, Susan Shultz and I did not win the award seen above. Through a series of confusion, we were named as nominees and, eventually, winners. While the whole thing is embarrassing (if that's the right word), I congratulate Mario, Jenny, and Maureen, our colleagues who are the real winner of this award. I've decided to leave the original post up, but want to make sure that I'm pleased that HAN still picked up another ward, and that Mario, Jenny, and Maureen are deserving winners.


I'm still trying to process this.

I have to get ready to leave Boston and head back home, but I still can't believe this.

Surreal? Yeah.

I'm not an awards person, and I drove Susan Shultz and Paul Silverfarb nuts with that very thought. They pushed me to please come to Boston (there's a song in there).

It was a team effort, except for Susan. She wrote a great editorial (nothing new there). I had Paul, Eric Gendron, Jake Zimmer, and Chris Kaelin to help me call the girls hockey game and get the interviews that followed the game and produced this award.

It's important for the teams and the players to know that we're grateful to them for their grace and talent.

I'm honored my name is on it.

I'm thrilled HAN Network is on it. It's our first award of any kind.

I'm proud to share it with Susan and the Darien Times.

I had to step away and have a moment. Thoughts of Pop came into my brain, especially as I texted and messaged the people who wanted to know if we won.

We waited all night, and were almost the last award given out. I shot raw video so that Susan could see and hear it for herself.

I trembled as I walked up there. I shook as I posed for pictures.

I need breakfast. I'm rambling.

Maybe I'm amazed.

There's a song there also.

Speaking of Susan, find this book. Buy it. You'll enjoy it.

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