Wednesday, May 22, 2013


It's not un-American to question why in the hell Major League Baseball is subjecting everyone to these hideous aberrations.  In fact, it's QUITE American!

It is also, of course, about the almighty dollar.

I get that they're supposedly raising money with the sales of such things.  Great.

But I'll leave it to my cousin, Kris, who said it best: "Wish they would leave the uniforms alone and just donate the "profits" from sales on that day."

For me, a sitckler for tradition, I don't want to see the uniform messed with.  Certainly not the Yankees classic uniform.  I will bend, however, when it comes to throwbacks, as I am a fan.

Plus, and this can't be ignored, Memorial Day is about remembering those who perished in battle.

Keep that in mind when you're strolling the open stores on Monday.  Which should be closed.

That's a whole different rant.

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