Tuesday, May 21, 2013


(Photo: Steve Gooch, AP)
The images are stunning.

Moore, OK, a suburb of Oklahoma City, took a fierce punch from a tornado yesterday afternoon.  The numbers have moved around a little bit since it first hit about 24 hours ago.  As I write, the word is that death toll - once as high as 91 - has been revised to 24.  One can hope it goes even lower.

In times like this, we always generally say the same thing: "thoughts and/or prayers." Yes, it seems trite.  Yes, it often seems lame.  Yes, it's a cliche.  Some feel that prayer is useless.  Some feel thoughts and best wishes are worthless.

Yes, action is needed.

But sometimes hopes or prayers or thoughts are all that we have or can offer.

I'm babbling, of course.  I absolutely offer my thoughts and condolences on this day, and won't apologize for it.  For a god-fearing area like Oklahoma, guess what?  There's a large chance they want your prayers today.

Of course, the Red Cross, etc, want donations as well and they'll take any dollar amount.

The truth is that there is no manual for these moments.  People do what they can.  From there you hope their heart is in the right place.

But first things first.  Let the first responders do their job.  May they find more survivors.  May they also find strength.

Let's start there.

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