Friday, May 24, 2013

A Couple of Pleasantville Videos

Not much time on this Friday.  As always, I'm reminded that on the day before you leave for vacation, you wonder if going on vacation is even worth it.

As always, thanks to Tom Prizeman, Shane McGaffey, and PCTV for having me around.  It's quite possible I might be back in the Fall.  I was only able to call one baseball game and one lacrosse game for PCT in the spring, but I was happy to do so.

Tom called a wonderful lacrosse game, and the final moments are ones that he should save for an audition tape.  It's easy, in a big spot, to lose your stuff and go "Gus Johnson-esque" (and the free world knows how I feel about that).  But, to Tom's credit, with the game on the line, he gives an excited, but measure call.  You know who he is rooting for,  but there's no harm there.

The call is here.

Tom also put together a terrific boys basketball highlight reel.  Featuring uptempo music (and props for the music choices), he drops in a few of my play-by-play calls.

Good stuff - watch it here.

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