Friday, April 05, 2013

Roger Ebert

By now you know the news that Roger Ebert has died of cancer.  To go along with his way as a workaholic, he kept plugging along, right up until his last day.  No matter what the cancer had done to him (including taking away his voice, part of his jaw, and his ability to eat and drink), he fought and worked.

The Chicago Sun-Times story is here.

The pictures - and his determination to be seen as such - were stunning. 
There have been so many wonderful things written over the past several hours about this man - this legend of Chicago.  I can't do any of them justice.  He was an amazingly eloquent writer.  A brilliant film critic.  A legend.

Thanks to Jeff Pearlman, whom tweeted this article, I am simply going to post a link to it and let Mr. Ebert himself talk.

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