Friday, April 12, 2013

Flashback Friday: Yankees/Orioles 1998

Tonight, at the big ball orchard in the South Bronx*, the Yankees made a little history.  The Bombers completed a triple play.

*That term is courtesy of Arthur George Rust, Jr.  Google him.

Michael Kay and Paul O'Neill on the call.

The rarity of this can not be ignored.  The Yankees last turned one in 2010 in Oakland.

Before that?  June, 1968 at Yankee Stadium against the Twins.  With Bobby Cox (yes, that Bobby Cox) playing third and Mickey Charles Mantle of Spavinaw, Oklahoma playing first base.  Mantle is a hall of famer, of course (and within the top 10-15 to ever play the sport) and Cox is among the top managers and will be in the Hall.

I digress.

Anyway, very cool stuff.

I was looking around tonight and found a list on Hardball Talk of the best (and worst) bench clearing brawls of all time.  This, of course, is a hot topic, given last night's Zack Greinke/Carlos Quentin tilt.

(Need I mention that's the great Scully?)

By the way, Quentin got eight games.  Let's look at the facts.  It was a one-run game.  Why would Quentin think that Greinke threw at him on purpose?  But, hey charge the mound and let's play the feud!  To me, eight games might be soft.

But back to Craig Calcaterra's list on HBT.  Let's get past his whiny preening about "can't we all get along?"  Deal with it!  Let pitchers pitch, batters bat, and on we go.  Remember, players are closer now than ever, given free agency and the transient nature of free agency.

I remember several of the brawls on this list, but this is a true flash back in time.  It was just after David Wells threw his perfect game (I was in Las Vegas when it happened).  And, hey, since we had Yankees/Orioles tonight, why not revisit this classic moment?  Let's listen to Jim Kaat and Ken Singleton.

Oh how I loved Armando Benitez.  Paul O'Neill, 2000 World Series, enough said.  I hated when he was a Yankee.

By the way, I'm generally of the belief that you should toss the bat aside and run to first, but oh boy did Armando have it coming to him that night.

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