Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I'm a Bad Man

I had just finished covering a story at a nearby elementary school when I was driving through Wilton Center. A busy area with stores and offices, I proceeded carefully, doing maybe 25 or so, watching for people crossing the street, cars, etc.

I drove on, seeing a car that was beginning to pull out into the street when the driver stopped short.

Then she adjusted herself so that she could make sure - absolutely 100% - to ram her horn at me.



A stop sign.

Because I was watching the traffic, the people, and being uber-careful, I missed a poorly placed stop sign.


My bad.

I drove away laughing.  At myself.  At her (the image of her making SURE to honk was priceless).

So if she ever reads this, I humbly apologize. 

Back to work.

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