Thursday, February 28, 2013

THIS is What We Worry About?

There's a group called One Million Moms, and they have a problem.

They're complaining about Maxwell.

Yes, Maxwell the Pig.  From the Geico commercials.  Specifically, they're in a kerfuffle over this:

That promotes bestiality, according to the moms (Huffington Post).  ABC News, via Yahoo! (where you can't work from home*...) also weighs in.

*I posted a link about the Yahoo! thing on Facebook and, well, everyone has a different take on it.  I work well from home, but that's me.  Others don't agree.  I need that flexibility, mostly due to watching Sean.  So I feel for the people at Yahoo!

But the million moms have got to get over themselves.  This is as foolish as PETA wanted to change Fishkill, NY to Fishlive.

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