Saturday, February 23, 2013

He Goes to 11

Eleven years ago today, the most glorious thing came into my life.  He has been the very light of my existence, when I simply didn't want to be anymore.

His name, of course, is Sean, and it is his birthday.

He makes people laugh, and sometimes shows more awareness by saying things that kids his age just aren't supposed to say.

He just doesn't care about sports, and that's OK.  He'll always connect with me in that regard, but he doesn't have to.  He loves Minecraft, and Transformers, and some really bad Nickelodeon shows.

Our common bonds include things like The Beatles, of which a wonderful look comes on his face when he hears them.  We both still love Family Guy (inappropriate or not).  In our darkest times, we sat together, and laughed.  He still doesn't get the jokes, but he's also kept the deal: repeat nothing.

I owe him a trip to Waffle House, because he's one of the few people in the world who actually wants to do that with me.

Sean has lit up the world with his laughter and his sense of humor.  He has a magnificent smile, and an innocence that is wondrous.

I'm so very proud to be his father.

Happy birthday, pal.

Edit - I had to add this in. Sean got sandwiched by two of his favorite cousins, Katie and Meaghan.  Hilarity ensued.  Christmas Eve, 2012.


Mick said...

He look everybody - Rob once had hair!! lol.

Rob Adams said...

I still could rock hair - but headphones do not make that easy. I made the decision to cut it in my current style after, let's say, some changes occurred in my life!