Thursday, February 28, 2013

Shameful: The Story of the Removal of Mike Hvizdo in Weston

(Vivian Simons, via the Weston Forum)
The Wilton Bulletin is located in an office with a few other papers, including the Weston Forum.  Rocco Valluzzo, the sports editor of the Forum, who sits just a few desks away from me, got wind of the resignation of Mike Hvizdo, the head boys basketball coach at Weston High School.

Well, maybe he resigned.  Then again, he probably didn't.

Word began to buzz around that Hvizdo (aka, "Coach Viz") was forced out.

His crime (supposedly)?  He was in a movie that was, apparently, "vulgar" and "offensive."

NOTE: The name of the movie is "Forbidden Fruit" and it was made in 2003.  It's only about nine minutes long, and as of this writing, does not exist.  It was online, but it is now gone.

I've listened as this story has grown from a small community thing to county, state, regional, and now national.

Let's start with Rocco's own work, which dates back to February 14.  It's been added to several times, most recently yesterday.  I implore you to read his stuff.

Now others are in on the act.  Gawker has taken it to the mainstream. Channel 12 did their own story on it.

Soon, Lou Young from Channel 2 in New Yok (WCBS) will be appearing in our Ridgefield home office to interview Rocco.  Since they share stories with WCBS (880), I wouldn't be shocked if it goes on there also.

NOTE: Lou Young was here, worked with Rocco to get the sound bite he wanted, and headed out.  It will run at 5:30 tonight.

A Google search on "Mike Hvizdo" will bring you so much more.

My colleague, Wilton Bulletin Sports Editor Tim Murphy has opined on it in his "Murph's Turf" column.  That is an outstanding read (available on newsstands today!).  There's an editorial in this week's paper that is worth a read, along with other fine items written by a delightful individual.

See, here's the thing: I smell a rat.  You can't tell me that Hvizdo was asked to step down because he was in a nine-minute movie that features no nudity, and nothing lascivious, other than some profanity.  Good lord, if that's the case, then most of us are in trouble.  His kids - his players - loved him (that's what I've heard anyway).

Oh do I see where this is a case of a parent, and a well-placed one at that, causing a ruckus because Johnnie Twelfthmanonthebench wasn't getting playing time.  The parent might have money, influence, or both.  It doesn't matter.  Whoever it is, they have pull with the administration in Weston.

That's what sickens me.  I've seen it before.  I'll see it again.



Kay Spencer said...

Thank you Rob Adams! It IS shameful and only the light of day will help us get the mistake corrected!

Eliot Schickler said...

Whoever sent the short film anonymously is a weasel! The person should admit to who he or she is! Mike Hvizdo is a great guy and coach and didn't deserve this because of a disgruntled sneak!