Thursday, February 28, 2013

My First Editorial

I wrote the editorial in this weeks edition of the Wilton Bulletin.  It was a pleasure to do it, and I expect to do it again.

It might seem thankless, as my name isn't associated with it at all, but it doesn't need to be under my byline.

I got into writing for many of the same reasons I got into broadcasting.  I like to tell stories.  Sometimes, I get to have opinions.  In the case of writing the editorial, I get to do a little of both.

The reporting side of me is different.  Certain things, honestly, aren't my bread and butter, but they're part of the job.  Early on, I've written about a piano studio and dogs going to Westminster.  I did a story about a teenager who wrote a screenplay for a sitcom.  Yesterday I visited a group of sixth graders who put together an insanely good display on King Tut.

Today, I sat with a 12-year-old and interviewed him regarding a science fair.  Turned out, the kid is a monster baseball fan, who likes Yogi Berra and plays Strat-o-Matic baseball!  My kind of kid!

These are some of the stories I've truly enjoyed doing.

Now I can add an editorial to my resume, and I think that's cool.

I'm not sure it will make it to our website, but it's in the print edition, out today.  I'm going to wait to post it, simply because I probably shouldn't post it...yet.

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