Sunday, February 03, 2013

Super Bowl Halftime Show

For those of you who think the answer to "Best Super Bowl Halftime Show" is Michael Jackson or Prince, I hope you live burn in effigy with a loop of Up with People running.

Indeed, around these parts, as I've said before, there have been a lot of bad halftime shows.  For a while, I used halftime to eat, stretch, use the rest room, or watch the special edition of "In Living Color" that FOX would air to spare us from Gloria Estefan or whatever.

That being said, I was recently asked if I thought everything Mr. Bruce Springsteen of New Jersey did was the greatest ever.  And the answer was no!  To make sure, I put the E Street halftime performance on from Super Bowl XLVIII (2009).  Any chance that, four years later, I might think it wasn't as good as I thought?

Nope.  No shot.

I had chills as soon as I saw the silhouette of Bruce and the Big Man.

The best halftime show.  Ever.  Complete with crotch cam!

To those who say otherwise, I ask you this:


Plus, that Super Bowl was a pretty good game as I recall (hmmm...who won again?)

U2 in 2002 were pretty incredible also.  Still chills inducing with the list of those lost on September 11, 2001.

This guy was pretty good too.

So Beyonce, have fun later.  It's your time to face the critics.

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