Monday, July 25, 2011

OK, Game On!

The NFL was dead to me. Done. I knew I would return - I always do (to varying degrees...note to the NBA), but that doesn't mean the whole lockout didn't leave a nasty, bitter taste in my mouth. Yet, I didn't pay attention to the sport. My biggest offense (and I questioned this) was buying inexpensive T-shirts in Reading and a faux Terry Bradshaw jersey in Stormville.

Tonight, finally, the NFL is back. I still hate labor affairs in sports. I always will. I still have little regard for Emperor Goodell.

But I also am still furious over the affairs of February, 2011 in Dallas. Everything I thought of football, I thought of the chances lost. Of 31-25. Of a loss to a team that deserved and yet...

The pick 6. The Mendenhall (would have been MVP, but wasn't) fumble. The game I thought they would lose, and yet hoped they would win. The chance for Ben Roethlisberger to flip off the world and have as many rings as Tom Brady.

Missed opportunities. To the victor goes the spoils. Mission 46 begins Thursday at Latrobe, PA.

Finally, I can care about the 2011 schedule. Here it is:

Sep 11 PIT @ BAL - 1:00 PM (CBS)
Sep 18 SEA @ PIT - 1:00 PM (FOX)
Sep 25 PIT @ IND - 8:20 PM (NBC)
Oct 02 PIT @ HOU - 1:00 PM (CBS)
Oct 09 TEN @ PIT - 1:00 PM (CBS)
Oct 16 JAC @ PIT - 1:00 PM (CBS)
Oct 23 PIT @ ARI - 4:05 PM (CBS)
Oct 30 NE @ PIT - 4:15 PM (CBS)
Nov 06 BAL @ PIT - 8:20 PM (NBC)
Nov 13 PIT @ CIN - 1:00 PM (CBS)
WEEK 11 Bye
Nov 27 PIT @ KC - 8:20 PM (NBC)
Dec 04 CIN @ PIT - 1:00 PM (CBS)
Dec 08 CLE @ PIT - 8:20 PM (NFL)
Dec 19 PIT @ SF - 8:30 PM (ESPN)
Dec 24 STL @ PIT - 1:00 PM (FOX)
Jan 01 PIT @ CLE - 1:00 PM (CBS)

Hmmm...finishing up with the Browns on January 1st could mean that I'm sitting in a watering hole watching BOTH the Steelers and Browns AND the Rangers and Flyers (Winter Classic, after all).

And since I have large respect for the New York Football Giants (they might as well be Steelers East and, besides, they once played in Yankee Stadium), their schedule is linked here.

Still plenty of baseball to be played, but football is back.

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