Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Diane Schuler: The Continued Outrage

Last night, HBO showed a documentary on the fatal crash that eight people on the Taconic Parkway.  That accident occurred two years ago today.

Today, Daniel Schuler, the widower of Diane Schuler, and father of the lone survivor of the crash, decided to ignore the conclusions that investigators, coroners, and the WORLD all reached: that his wife was at fault - egregious fault - and killed eight people.

He has sued the State of New York for faulty signage (at Pleasantville Road), and Warren Hance, Diane Schuler's brother, and father of three of the dead.  The New York Post has more.

This couldn't possibly be more foolish, or outrageous.

I've been around the Taconic Parkway for my entire life.  I've driven it and been a passenger on it.  I knew by - what?- four years old that the big red sign that said "DO NOT ENTER" meant, well, DON'T GO THERE, FOOL!

So then what, exactly, is the problem?  Why does this continue to happen?

Oh, I know, because people are whacked out of their minds when they do it!

And to sue his brother-in-law because he let Diane Schuler drive the vehicle?  Does anyone realize the long-term ramifications of that if negligence is found?  Then I can sue my mother because she often asks me to drive her car?

I mean, REALLY?

Far be it for me to tell anyone what to do.  Yet, I feel I speak for many when I say that Daniel Schuler would be well-served to focus on raising his son and accepting that his wife was at fault that horrible day in 2009.  The autopsy seemed rather conclusive.

In the court of public opinion he has made things worse with these lawsuits.

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