Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A New Exit 55 Sign

Over there on the right, as of tonight, sits a new title shot - edited from the picture above that I took on Interstate 84 in Hartford on Monday. I figured it was time to put the previous one, taken in 2008 in New Jersey, in moth balls for a while.

I'll leave it up until I find a better one.

So there's that. Thanks for reading.

By the way, I'm hesitant to discuss the so-called "beautiful game" and as such it sits at the very top of my list of "toxic topics." I watched some of the great comeback against Brazil (love seeing fakers and cheaters get theirs) and saw the completion of Sunday's championship (just happenstance as it was on where I was eating dinner). My simple thought? The women thought it was their destiny to win and that the tournament belonged to them. They didn't get it done. They blew the lead - not once, but TWICE, then epic failed in penalty kicks (which, again, is a terrible way to resolve a match).

Would anyone like to see the Stanley Cup won this way? In a shootout? How about the NBA or college hoops break ties via free throws? The Super Bowl won on field goals? How about the World Series in a home run derby?

Let. Them. Play. Until somebody scores.

I'm not buying into the old "great effort there, ladies" attitude. Apparently a lot of others aren't either, including Bryant Gumble (via Fang's Bites).

They choked. If the men did it, it would be said. The Yankees in '04. The Sox in '86. The Mets...daily (OK, that was an easy one). Jean Van de Velde at The Open Championship in '99. It happens. Sorry.

That's all I have to say about it. I'm not a fanatic in this case, so to comment further is to go out of my league.

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