Sunday, July 10, 2011

Charles Costello, Joe Buck, and Vin Scully

Now here's a combo for ya.  My friend Charles Costello called me out his blog recently for not posting links to his stuff.  I always read Chuck - he writes excellent commentaries about the state of education, with a large focus on Greenwich (among other items).  I know I've posted some links before, including one when he discussed his pal Connell McShane (sadly, a Mets fan), who now sits to the right of the I-Man (J. Donald Imus, of course).  Nevertheless, the gauntlet has been thrown by Mr. Costello.  I can say quite clearly that I do review every post of his and his writing is excellent (that's twice I've used that word now).  It has strong opinions that he stands behind.

It's my bad that I haven't posted more from it.  He's got me on that one.

Since we're doing a small "linky dinks", let's hear from Laura Overton at the National Sports Journalism Center.  She has quotes made by Joe Buck, who told the Los Angeles Daily News that Vin Scully should be a part of the World Series broadcast.


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