Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Live Aid Was 26 Years Ago Today

Freddie Mercury Rocks Wembley Stadium - July 13, 1985

It has become the gold standard by which all other charity rock festivals live up to, and stands with Woodstock, Monterrey, Isle of Wight, and a few others in the pantheon of legendary concerts.

Live Aid - July 13, 1985.  One big concert.  Two big venues (Wembley in London...and JFK in Philadelphia - odd choice, but whatever).  So many memories of one epic day.

Yet I'll always think of Freddie Mercury.

Most admit that Queen not only blew the doors off of everyone at Live Aid, but that the performance might have been the single greatest performance in rock and roll history.  It's a large claim, but certainly one to be respected.

It was also the performance that cemented Freddie as the greatest lead performer.

Wow did they kick ass that day.  Here's a little documentary.

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