Tuesday, August 05, 2008

So Let Me Get This Straight - Some Women Wear Inappropriate Stuff to Work?

You know where this is going...to Erin Andrews, of course.
This is the now-infamous outfit that Ms. Andrews wore to one of the games during the Cubs-Brewers series in Milwaukee. Now let's face it - she's fairly attractive, no? Can she report with a brain? I've gathered that she can. OK, so we've established that. So now comes the tought part - is what she wore "inappropriate?"

See, I guess I'm kind of used to this stuff by now. Women bearing some of their goods when they go to work? Showing "the girls?" Maybe showing some leg?

Yes...yes...and yes.

Now do I think it's wrong? I'll leave that to you to decide. Depends on the situation. Who are we talking about? What's their job? Sometimes, yes, it is inappropriate. Sometimes I think there are people who push the envelope, and get their jollies by doing so. They'll keep doing it until somebody talks to them. Otherwise, they're happy to be the center of attention, and for the leering...until it crosses the line.

You see, unless you're new to the human race, then you probably know that women have been "working it" since the beginning of time. They know how to play men. I'm not saying Erin Andrews is doing that - let's be very clear. But, God bless her, she's got the goods and she's strutting it, and all seemed to be cool until Mike Nadel called her out. Then everybody began to get in on the act...

fellow sports reporter Trenni Kusnierek (ripping Andrews)...

Chief Chicago Asshat (and fellow ESPN colleague) Jay Mariotti (ripping Nadel)...

And a very smart take on it by David Whitley in the Sun-Sentinal...

Lastly, of course, is Andrews herself.

I don't think any of them are wrong, believe it or not. Nadel had his take, Andrews is disappointed in it. Let it go at that, I guess. Women dress like eye candy to be on TV? Come on, you're kidding!

'Twas once a time where women weren't allowed in the locker room. They didn't report on games - heavens, no! You see, I don't care. Are they smart? Are they accurate? OK then I don't care what they look like. Sadly though, you just can't be ugly (well...that might be in the eye of the beholder). Michelle Tafoya, Hannah Storm, Suzy Kolber, Melissa Stark, Pam Oliver, and Andrews are just a few who can hold their own in the male-dominated sports world. Are each of them attractive? I'm not going there. I'm just saying they can hang with us in the sports-broadcasting world.

What they wear, and how they look, does matter to many. I have yet to turn on a game because I knew Andrews, for instance, would be reporting. But this idea that because Erin Andrews was wearing a little sundress that looked pretty damn good on her is bad is just lame - because I see it all the time. In the workplace. On the street. Anywhere. Everywhere.

And so do you.

Now the rub is that her credibility is damaged, along with the cred of other women in sports (like Kusnierek). That sounds like a bit of sour apples to me, but I get her opinion, and it's not wrong. On TV, this look is neither shocking or wrong. You become a flirty woman with (hopefully) the chops to be a reporter. In a corporate office, you become the office tease.

Or worse.

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