Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Catching Up With Old Friends

I joined Michael Breed as host of "Tee Time" on WGCH in 1999 and we immediately hit it off. Michael liked the fact that I was irreverent and, quite honestly, I was never a threat to him, especially after I butchered the name "Scott Hoch" during one of my early World Famous Scoreboard Updates (it rhymes with "yoke", not "scotch"). We quickly became fast friends, and he showed me things about golf that I never knew.

Michael and I took the show onto the Business Talk Radio Network and went national but we eventually bagged the show due to being on Sunday nights, where we weren't going to get any guests. That and I was doing the show for free.

Anyway, I haven't spoken to Michael in some time, but I always keep up on what he's doing. He's still one of the top teaching pros in the country (and he got me my first set of clubs). I miss his friendship, but am so happy for how well he has done.

My friends over at Greenwich Roundup found this article from the Journal News (by Sam "the freakin' Man" Weinman) about Breed. Michael continues to get great press. That never fails to amaze me.

By the way, Sam Weinman doesn't call himself "the freakin' Man." I just think he's a great writer, so I called him that...just now.

Oh, and I just discovered that Michael has a website. This does not surprise me.

While I'm playing catchup, allow me to mention Dave Rothenberg, who started on WGCH (and WVIP) with me in 1999, helping me as a studio host for football and eventually calling some games in various sports. Dave's a great guy, and he had recently moved to North Carolina to host "Inside the ACC" on 99.9 The Fan. Well Dave just got a promotion. He writes:
Brett Favre isn't the only one with big news. I, too, have an announcement to make, although without the tears.

Starting Monday, I will switch from my nightly duties of hosting Inside The ACC to MORNING DRIVE!! I now get to co-host The Fanatics from 6-9 AM. This means I need to get into bed right now, but if you want to listen on-line or podcast you can go to www.999thefan.com.

BTW, Favre is now the 2nd best qb in GIANTS Stadium.
Dave's one of the good guys, and he never forgets where he's from. I'm really pleased for him.

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