Monday, August 11, 2008

New Front Page Picture

Here it is (for now), the brand new Front Page Icon that will live in the upper right portion of the "Exit 55" site. It was taken last Saturday at Fenway Park, inside the Green Monster (yeah, ironic, I know).

The full Boston trip report is to follow.


Tim Parry said...

You're standing in a puddle of Manny's pee... Or did that dry up by the time he was traded?

I love change, I wish I had some in my pocket, but the old Exit 55 sign was better (maybe it just needs some resizing and color correction to make your bright and shiny self stand out a bit more?)

Rob Adams said...

Yes, it was dry in there...thankfully.

The old sign probably was better, but I figured I'd do this for now. When we took the picture, we thought that I should use it on the blog. So it's there.

Tim Parry said...

Actually it looks better on this computer than my monitor at work. I should get that checked!