Thursday, August 14, 2008

Chris Russo Out at WFAN; Mike and the Mad Dog No More

Neil Best had it all along. He's been saying it all summer.

And now he writes that an era in New York radio is over.

My prediction is that they will not be successful apart.

More to come...

And there is more. Russo wasn't supposed to get a farewll, but Francesa nixed that and had Doggie on via phone. Today's opening was a must listen, as it was the final time we would hear the familiar opening that has become a part of our lives (Aaaaaannnnnnd...GOOD AFTERNOON EVERYBODY...HOW ARE YOU TODAY?). Hell, my son knows that song and opening.

Mike opened solo and spoke eloquently, in a way that I think people would appreciate hearing more of. Then he took a break and had the Doggie on. Dog spoke with an honesty about it being time to walk away and so on. Then...he broke down.

They would recover and talk like friends, and perhaps they may be going forward. We may never know, but what we do know is that the Mike and the Mad Dog show is over, and so is this era in radio. And as with Imus last year, I imagine my own listening habits have changed again.

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Tim Parry said...

Mike and the Mad Dog used to be the everyman in sports talk radio. Then Chris started talking about playing tennis with his next door neighbor in New Canaan, both of them throwing in that private cars pick them up at the stadium after games, etc.


You're right though, but I think Chris Russo will do better on his own than Mike Francessa will. Mike needs a second person with him. Chris has been OK solo.