Sunday, August 17, 2008

Number 13, Meet Number 13!

I called today's Renegades-Oneonta Tigers matinée at Dutchess Stadium, and took Sean and Mom along. Though warm, it was a wonderful day for baseball. As at Ripken Stadium, Sean got the full run of the place. This time, he got to join Sean Ford and I in the clubhouse as we interviewed Gades manager Joe Alvarez. Joe told him he could ask a question, and in the end, he asked two:

- Would number 13 (Robi Estrada) be playing? The answer was "no." Sean, if you don't know, wears number 13 because his favorite player is A-Rod. So 13 is now his favorite number.
- Would he autograph a ball for him? The answer was, "Since it's Sunday, sure." He was kidding - of course he would sign.

So we have to work on his interviewing skills...

Then he and my Mom enjoyed the game as Sean and I called the Gades 3-0 win.

After the final out, Sean (The Son) got down to the field and was allowed to run the bases - pretty cool, considering I was still on the air as he was out there, and I described it to a breathless audience (OK, probably not).

After that, I got Sean back down to the left field picnic area, where the players were signing autographs for a special group of fans. What did my wondering eye spy getting ready to leave, but number 13, Robi Estrada himself! He couldn't have been more accommodating. Sean was able to talk to him for just a minute. Then he caught up with Jason Corder, who also signed for him. That made me smile, as Jason's family was kind enough to send a pizza up to the booth for us on Friday night. We sometimes forget the impact we have on the families.

Oh but we matter to them, and for some reason, they like us.

It's great to see the players doing right by the fans. Sean will not soon forget the kindness of Corder, Estrada, and Alvarez, just as he won't forget Caleb Joseph in Aberdeen.

So the "Rob Adams New York-Penn League World Tour" (T-shirts coming soon) has made it to Brooklyn, Aberdeen, Boston, and Lowell. Oneonta might be next Saturday (I hope...but it's a looong day trip), and I'm going to try to get back to Brooklyn before seeing Staten Island for the first time. I consider all offers to ride shotgun with me!

Not bad for a "pathetic" career, eh?

Don't ask. I will then have to invoke "Rule 55."

Sean had a great baseball weekend. He went to Saturday's Yankees-Royals tilt at the Stadium (sadly, his first game without his Daddy, but that's cool), and now this. He might go with me next Saturday, and if he does, you can bet that Cooperstown will get a visit from him. we've gone and done it. Rule 55 in action! Enjoy this video of Lou Gehrig in the 1938 movie "Rawhide."

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