Thursday, May 24, 2007


A few thoughts on this Thursday morning:

- Talk about a must-win! The Yankees needed that last night, just to right the ship. Plus it's always nice to beat Curt Schilling.

- Radio changes are on the horizon, and I just love this stuff. It seems that CBS (you know, the geniuses of radio) has pulled the plug on "Free FM", at 92.3 here in New York. They are doing what is known as "stunting", where they'll play things completely off format (I once heard a station stunt as being a movie-themed station for an entire weekend). In the case of an old station of mine (WREF AM-85 - Ridgefield, CT), the station played "It's The Same Old Song" by the Four Tops for at least 24 straight hours. Today, following Opie and Anthony, 92.3 started playing a series of sound clips, with an occasional touch of radio tuning sound effect, then the words "today at five." So stay tuned.

- The preliminary 2007 Greenwich High School football schedule is out and this is what it looks like:
Sat, 9/15 - Bridgeport Central at Kennedy Stadium - 1:30
Thu, 9/20 - Darien at Cardinal Stadium - 7:00
Fri, 9/28 - Trumbull at Trumbull - 7:00
Fri, 10/5 - Danbury at Cardinal Stadium - 7:00
Sat, 10/13 - Westhill at Cardinal Stadium - 1:30
Fri, 10/19 - Brien McMahon at Brien McMahon - 7:00
Fri, 10/26 - Wilton at Cardinal Stadium - 7:00
Fri, 11/2 - Stamford at Boyle Stadium - 6:00
Fri, 11/9 - Naples at Naples, Florida - Time TBA
Fri, 11/16 - FCIAC Championship Game at Boyle Stadium - 7:30
Thu, 11/22 - Staples at Staples - 10:30 AM

Did you see November 9th? Nope, that's not a mistake. The Cards will play in Florida that week, perhaps live on ESPN. What does that mean for us? It could very well mean that for the first time that I'm aware of, the Cardinals would not appear on WGCH at all. I'll be very interested to see what happens with that game. Would I travel, if offered? Most likely, depending on the circumstances.

Once again...stay tuned.

- I also saw the schedules for Rye, Harrison, and Port Chester (which means that all of Section 1 are avaiable). The Rye-Harrison game is September 29th at 1:30 in Harrison. Right now, the Cardinals are off that day, so I'm hopeful that WGCH will carry that game. We'll see.

- Speaking of WGCH, my friend and colleague Zach Fisher is now doing sports in the morning with Tony Savino. Zach has sports at :15 and :45 past every hour (from 6:00-9:00, that is). This is the kind of internship that every student should have! Plus he sounds great. Check him out for yourself, as I think he'll only be there for a short time.

- I've never been shy about giving props to places with great food, and have also never been shy about promoting Garden Catering, with locations around Greenwich, Stamford, Port Chester, and Mamaroneck. They have a breakfast sandwich that I recently tried and if you're hearty enough (and heart healthy enough), you should try as well. It's called "The Hotsy" and it has eggs, cheese, home fries, bacon, and chili! Oh my! All that for just three bucks! Personally I think once was enough for me, but it was different. Their chili is outstanding, and so is all of their food. They have plenty of other healthy options as well. Their webiste is here (and there's a link to look at their menu). It's always tough to be on Mamaroneck Ave and see Sal's pizza and Garden Catering on each side of the street. What to have?

- Lastly, a little fun for ya. What was the number one song on your birthday? Or your anniversary? Or whatever? Look here and you can find out. By the way, the number one song on the day I was born was "Hey Jude", by The Beatles (of course).


Sean G. Kilkelly said...

Mine was "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" by...Elton John?! Ooffaa!

Rob Adams said...

Elton's version was OK. At least John Lennon played on the song. Never one of my favorite Beatles songs anyway.

Tim Parry said...

Yeah! MMM Bopp! Was #1 the day Ursula and I got married, 10 years ago tomorrow! The irony is my buddy Greg Vegas (of Monsterland fame) handles them now! In a legal sort of way...