Thursday, May 17, 2007

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Earlier today, my coworkers and I got on the topic of blogging. It seems my colleague Lisa's son Darius is writing a blog on his travails while he's in Australia. I intend to read it soon, and perhaps put a link up, but I'm not sure that's what he wants, so I'll hold off.

Anyway, Lisa is an opinionated sort, and told me that she really is not a fan of blogging. To her, it seems like we're all ranting and raving and weird (I'm paraphrasing here). I explained that many of us are just frustrated or starving writers who have things to say and this is the perfect outlet. Naturally we have to use common sense, but when done correctly, a blog is great fun. I appreciate each and every person who reads this, and am cognizant of what I write, but this has always been a chance to try something that I always wanted to do. I often wish I could let it all hang out (and Jeez, am I ready to let fly!) but that would not be good for anyone - especially me.

So why blog? Why spend that much time in front of the computer? Well why not? Everybody needs a hobby, right? This is probably better than being a couch potato, especially at 10:49 at night when the day is winding down.

It's 10:49 you know where my wife is?

Sorry, dark humor. Never mind.

This will likely be the first post that my coworkers, temporary or otherwise, will read. Of course I struggled a touch with letting my boss, Cathia, know about it, because that's a supposed "cardinal sin" of blogging. What if I've said something wrong, or offensive? But HAH! As I have said all along, and even said it in this very post, I am careful because you never know who is reading. Besides, Cathia has been very good to me, as has everyone in New Rochelle. My move to Sheila's desk was a non-issue in the end, and despite a few shocked looks (and the fact that her name comes up when I call people on the phone at her old desk) things have gone quite well there. Though I've been somewhat quiet at times there, I think it's been good for Cathia, Lisa, and Tracy to have me there. Or at least I hope so.

Let's get Off the Bench, shall we?

Um...New York Yankees...this is your season calling. Would you like to join us now? Another loss today dropped them further down, and now comes my least...favorite...time...of...the...season. That's right - the Subway Series. I will tell you this as clear as a bell, and it's the same stance that I've had all along - the Mets can win all six SS games, but if the Yankees win the World Series, then it's barely a blip on the radar. It's still about October - period.

Will I watch the games? I can tell you that I'm not sure. I just hate these three games that much, and hate the other three (one of which I have tickets to) coming up next month. I'd like to see them get treated as other games. That's how it should be. But that's not reality.

Great win by the Queens team today. They have a little magic going, and they're going to be very tough all season. Their fans are quite cocky right now and they have every right to chirp.

Still you've got believe that they, and the Red Sox, will hit some kind of speed bump along the way. By and large it's been smooth sailing for both teams. The Mets seem like they're going to be pushed by the Braves all year. One can only hope that the Yankees wake up to give the Red Sox a tough time.

To TV, where the "Scrubs" season finale was kind of blah and predictable. Still I'm glad they got renewed for what's supposed to be their last season. My buddy Zach Braff was pleased.

OK, he's a MySpace friend, and we've never actually met, or even traded emails but just the mere fact that he is my MySpace friend makes me happy, OK?

That's two OK's in one sentence.

Unfortunately I missed the first half of "The Office", so I have no idea what initially happened. Still my TV viewing (kind of a rarity for me) was all set from 8:30 to 10:00. Then I decided to blog away.

Looks like the Pistons put away the Bulls tonight in the Eastern Conference. I think the Motowners will move past the Cavs (sorry, Nets) into the NBA Finals. It will probably be San Antonio out of the West and it's hard to see the Spurs losing. But I've been wrong before.

Kudos to the Sabres for getting the win in Game 4 of the NHL's Eastern Conference Finals. Now they just have to go can't say 2004 reference. OK, they have to go all Islanders.

They also came back from an 0-3 deficit in a seven-game series.

In the West, the Anaheim No-Longer-Mighty Ducks look to tie their series with the Detroit Red Wings. They have a 4-3 lead with about 10:00 left in the third as I look at the TV.

I said it before, and it needs to be repeated - hockey needs excitement. No brain surgery there, but it needs it with a better TV contract, more marquee players, better marketing, successful large market teams (that would be the Rangers) and...most of all...playoff nuttiness. Game sevens always help there.

Something is going on back over at WFAN in the old Imus slot. Mike and the Mad Dog announced that they are going to host the program again next Monday and Tuesday, and that whatever was set to be in that spot was canceled. Leave it to Neil Best in his Watchdog blog to straighten it all out. It was due to Sandra Bernhard being scheduled to host, then something canceling it. OK, whatever.

While we're talking about the media, it's clear we have no shame. Roger Clemens first start for the Tampa Yankees will be broadcast by ESPN tomorrow night - but only when Clemens takes the hill. That's right, ESPN will cut in for the Rockets' pitching as part of their "Baseball Tonight" programming. Then YES will show the game in its entirety on Saturday.


I'm not for screamers in sports play-by-play (Gus Johnson, that's you) but there is nobody better at painting the picture with raw, honest passion than Mike "Doc" Emrick. He's done it for years with the New Jersey Devils and is now doing it in the Detroit-Anaheim game on VS.

That's pronounced "Versus" since probably Ricky Fritsch, Sean Kilkelly, Mick and me are the only regulars here that watch it.

By the way, Anaheim just scored with 1:08 to go. The series is tied at two. In mock appreciation, a Ducks fan threw an Octopus on the ice. Funny stuff.

It would take me too long to explain, so read it here. The simple explanation is that, back when the tradition began (in 1952), it took eight wins to earn the Stanley Cup. Eight legs on an octopus. There you go.

Just in case you were too lazy to hit the link.

Incidentally, game over in Anaheim. Joy and rapture. The series will at least go six. That, friends, is a positive for the NHL.

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