Tuesday, May 08, 2007

How Times Have Changed

I thought it would be fun to do this...

A few weeks back, I showed you this picture:

The Son...number 10 on the Giants in the Carmel Sports Association in 2007.

Now let's jump in the wayback machine:

That would be The Father...number 12 on the Twins in the Mahopac Sports Association in 1977.

The difference is that I'm eight in that picture, while Sean is five. My first year was "pony" league (where the fathers pitched to us) while Sean plays tee ball. Oh yeah, and we didn't get nice Major League apparel back then. I mean honestly, since when did the Twins use light blue shirts with a BLACK hat? And today, kids get baseball pants. Look at the hideous getup I'm wearing! Can I look any more like the 70's with my striped undershirt and GREEN pants? Not to mention what looks like the cheapest pair of sneakers humanly possible (likely bought at Caldor). Fashion police...help!!!

Oh well, I thought you might enjoy it.

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