Thursday, May 17, 2007

It's Getting Crazier

We all know that gas prices are through the roof here in the US. I say "here in the US" because they're worse in other parts of the world, in case you didn't know. Often I want to scream at these gas station owners; the ones who are truly sticking it to us, but that's more like killing the messenger, so I keep my big mouth shut.

In San Francisco, one gas station owner took matters into his own hands. Frustrated by his situation, he decided he would close down, but not without going out with a bang. I bring you the following picture, courtesy of Liz Mangelsdorf in the San Francisco Chronicle:

No, prices aren't really $4.00/gallon out there. As you see in the picture, the sign in the foreground has gas going for roughly $3.65/gallon. In the background though is our hero's sign. That's right - $4.29 for a gallon of regular gasoline. He decided that if he's going out of business, then he won't care if he sells another gallon.

Have a read here.

No chance this war that we're still fighting is about gas prices, is it?

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