Friday, March 02, 2007

(Insert Curse Word Here)

At 2:45 yesterday afternoon, my boss asked if he could see me. We haven't been doing well financially, so I thought it might be time to brainstorm. Then he closed the door. Still, tried not to panic. Then the conversation began, "This is not a very pleasant chat..."

A few minutes later, after just a mere five weeks, I had been laid off...again.


From there, I knew the drill. Pack quickly and quietly, say goodbye to my mates, and leave in a way that is so classy that makes me hold my head high. As I drove, I stuck to the plan: don't rage, don't be angry, no tears, not even time for fear. Just focus. My only issue was to tell The Wife. After all this time, she could have said "see ya." Since we were meeting at The Son's doctor (his 5th birthday physical), I wanted to tell her in person.

While frustrated, she was extremely supportive. Exactly what I needed. Now life goes on. After a stretch in which one of our cars was totaled and had to buy a new one, I lose my job, The Son falls going UP the stairs and gives himself a nasty black eye, and we have water in our garage following the rain, one can't help but feel like we're doomed.

But I don't.

At this point, our Maine vacation is in jeopardy. Deep in my heart, while it isn't smart fiscally, it is much needed mentally. I guess stay tuned on that subject.

Somehow, by the grace of whomever, we're going to move onto bigger and better things. S*it happens, they say. Now we (I) have to focus, stay positive, and we'll see what happens.

As I said to some friends this morning in an email, I'll accept prayers, good thoughts, humor, favors, and most of all, job leads. With the support of family and friends, I'll bounce back quickly.

What, you say, is my future in radio? Good question. Stay tuned!

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