Monday, March 12, 2007

Cowherd goes to The Big Town

So much for my nice little Monday blog post that I was planning. As I checked my email this morning, I found a little something from an old colleague of mine. A huge fan of Arkansas sports, the Boston Red Sox, and the Chicago Bears, he knows his stuff, and is extremely smart about it. Like me, he really doesn’t buy into talking smack. We enjoy the results on the field, and if you try to talk smack, you get smacked back. Hard.

Not to say he’s innocent. I returned from a vacation one time to find a framed picture of my family in full Red Sox regalia. Amazing what Photoshop can do, right? Oh, and I laughed out loud at it.

When he comes across things that make him laugh, or boggle his mind, or whatever, he sends it out to the masses – meaning me and a few other former cohorts. Among us, we have a Mets fan, three Yankees fan, and the one Sox fan. Now what you’re going to see comes courtesy of Colin Cowherd via YouTube. Before we get there, let me explain that, if you don’t know, Colin Cowherd is a radio broadcaster. I also, frankly, think he’s a jackass. His one smug little comment of how “The Pittsburgh Steelers can’t afford any free agents because they’re too busy paying off referees in the Super Bowl” just makes him sound like a punk. Think Christopher “Mad Dog” Russo is an ass? Listen to “The Herd” sometime.

That said, Mr. Cowherd is spot on with this rant. Now before the Mets fan gets the old David Wright boxers in a bundle, let me say that you have to focus on listening comprehension. Mr. Cowherd is saying that the Mets are better than the image they portray. I have railed about this for years. As hard as I laughed at this, I also sat and nodded my head at it. The Mets are not, say, the Kansas City Chiefs, who are a college team in a major league uniform, and that’s fine. They are the New York Mets, playing Major League Baseball in New York City. This kind of cheese whiz doesn’t really fly here, or in Boston, or it Philly, or even in Chicago.

Anyway, listen and watch the effort of this person from YouTube and we’ll talk on the other side.

If you can pull yourself away from being a fan for a moment, you can see the humor in some of this. It’s also fairly obnoxious at times. Anyway, he’s wrong about one thing. The version of “Meet The Mets” is not the one that he heard. The one that is played now on WFAN is one that they’ve used for a bout 15-20 years, featuring a women’s voice. The old version is kind of snappy. This newer version can make you attempt to put your fist through your radio, like you’ve popped on the wireless (that’s an old term for radio, kids) hoping to hear something different and cool and instead being treated to “Walk This Way” for the seven MILLIONTH time.

That’s taking me off on a tangent, and I will resist.

Anyway, I’ve gone down this road with the Mets before, and I don’t want to get hit with the “bias” routine, so I’m done. My actual hatred for them has subsided a great deal. I fully expect them to win the NL East, and perhaps the World Series as well. They’re due, and they’ve done a nice job. They have a good manager in Willie Randolph, and a wonderful team. Someone actually tried to tell me that David Wright will be a full-on failure, like an A-Rod, but that’s just a clueless fan for ya. Wright, Jose Reyes, Carlos Beltran, Carlos Delgado, and so on - these guys are just too good. The starting pitching is a huge question, but don’t be fooled. If GM Omar Minaya can hold out for a good starter, or one of the young pitchers blossoms, the Mets are going to be better than fine. If Minaya can find a starter of Latin persuasion, even better.

By the way, that last line is a joke, because a look at the Mets roster indicates a large amount of Latino players. News Flash – the best players in baseball generally ARE Latino.

Like I said, I don’t really have an axe to grind with the Amazin’s. At least not until some fan makes me crazy again. Then we’ll see how my mood is.

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