Saturday, March 03, 2007

You Should Have Seen The Other Guy...

Last time out, I mentioned that The Son took a nasty fall UP the stairs. Now you can see the proof. As a parent, and a father, I honestly worried that somebody would try to accuse me of abusing my child. I can honestly say, with my hand on The Baseball Encyclopedia, that neither The Wife or I had anything to do with this. He was being a five year-old boy. This is what they do. Anyway, he's fine - he can see out of the eye, and there are no other problems.

Taken Friday morning.

This morning. Looks better...

On another front, I received two CD's from Montgomery Delaney in the mail yesterday. I'll be listening to them today. I already know I'm a fan of his song "Son of a Son", but any person who writes "Cartoon Song" and incorporates the great Bugs Bunny, along with the Road Runner into his lyrics is more than OK with me.

Belated birthday wishes to an-unnamed friend, though I will say that she is the wife of one-time Majic 105 legend John Harrison. Also special wishes to my friend Matt Hamilton. Now if Matt would only get his blog going again.

That's all for me for now.

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Sean G. Kilkelly said...

Sorry for all the misfortunes. But the shiner will make Sean tough, maybe he has a future as a boxer. If you want to blow off some frustration we should all head on over to the Horseneck! LOL