Thursday, January 08, 2015

Yesterday Was a Great Day

I'd like to open with an apology.

Sorry that there's often a down feeling to what's written here. It's often raw, and believe me, more gets written and deleted. I never used to do that, but I do it now. The reasons are varied. The words might be too personal. They might hurt or cause confusion to others. The tone just comes off wrong.

This has been a problem for some time now.

So this morning, I want to tell you. No, I NEED to tell you: Yesterday was a great day.

It wasn't perfect. I was supposed to have dinner with Sean last night, and thanks to traffic and circumstances, I ran too late. It got canceled.

I have friends that are hurting or confused. Friends who lost loved ones. Yet I hope I helped them get through it.

There were small moments of smiles. Bigger moments of laughter. Boisterous laughter. Moments when my smile - the wonderful gift that my father bestowed on me - was just glowing.

There was Paul Silverfarb and I, reenacting a scene from Tuesday night at the Webster Bank Arena, when a clueless person just stared at us. The laughter coming from those who watched us as we recreated the moment was priceless.

People needed clarity. They needed smiles. They needed to roar.

On the radio, we had good programming. Coffee Break did its thing. We aired the inauguration of Governor Malloy of Connecticut. Then Paul and I did a whirlwind Nutmeg Sports.

There were moments with friends new and old. There were no fights. No big debates. No disputes, and limited stress.

It was cold, but to my knowledge, everyone is OK. Oh but it is cold.

There were stolen moments that can't have a price put on them.

There were texts exchanged with Sean, explaining to him things that are going on, and seeing his natural humor come through without trying to. Also his concern for friends and, of course, his dad.

It wasn't a perfect day. We didn't solve the problems of the world. We didn't cure cancer. We still have big issues, from the murder of innocent journalists at a satirical paper in France, to the continued unease in New York as the mayor continues to grapple with his police force.

All of it is real.

Yet for one day, I didn't feel like griping. I didn't need to tell you what grinds my gears.

I just wanted to tell you that it was a great day. Full of laughter, understanding, and more.

I want more days like it.

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