Saturday, January 31, 2015

Super Bowl 49 (OK, fine, XLIX)

Seriously, can't we do away with the Roman numerals? Of course we can't, especially since next year will be so easy.

Super Bowl L.

I digress.

I was pondering whether this was the most unlikable Super Bowl ever. It's close, to be honest, but two years ago, when the Ravens beat the 49ers, was just awful. At least for me. There was nothing to root for. Pull for the Niners to equal the Steelers and stay perfect in the big game? Root for the Ravens, who are the former Cleveland Browns?

It was dreadful. Still, tomorrow night is close, because - and let's be honest here - these are two of the most annoying fan bases in sports.

Seattle. The 12th man.

New England, the loyal fans (since 2001!).

However it is the best matchup, and that's a great thing.

It has great story lines, with Tom Brady either equaling Terry Bradshaw and "Lord" Joe Montana (he who can do no wrong) or dropping to 3-3 in the grand event.

I expect a great game. Or I hope it is.

I do think the Pats will be fairly furious from the whole Deflate Gate thing. I feel like they'll have a running game, which should balance things out for Rob Gronkowski to get open. Richard Sherman is pretty banged up, but you still have to respect the Legion of Boom.

The Seahawks won't go quietly. Russell Wilson is cool, and can be his own balanced attack. Now add in the Beast Mode guy who won't talk to the media, and the 'Hawks will stick around.

There are great coaches on both side. That helps.

This has the makings of a 24-21 game, but I'm going higher, because the magnitude of the game sometimes adds points to it. I still think it stays close though.

To me, it's a pick 'em, but I'm not one to pick against Tom and Bill.

I'll go 31-28, New England.

I'd love to find a way to have them both lose, but it's just not possible.

Incidentally, if you want a fun exercise to prove that you have no life, might indeed be a loser, and possess a wealth of useless information*, take this quiz on Sporcle, where you can name the winning and losing quarterbacks of the previous 48 games.

* No you're not really a loser or have no life. That's me. I mean, really, I breezed through that quiz, only having a brain cloud remembering Matt Hasselbeck, but had enough time to stop, collect myself, take a sip of coffee, and continue. Oh, and what's worse is I did it in order. In. Order. From I to XLVIII. I mean, it's fairly pathetic.

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