Saturday, January 31, 2015

Congrats to The Bus!

The 2015 class of inductees for the Pro Football Hall of Fame has been announced, and I'm simply overjoyed for Jerome Bettis.

Not just because he's a Steeler, or because I saw him play in person the one time I went to the 'Burgh.

There's a father-son connection here, and Sean probably doesn't even remember it.

Before Big Ben Roethlisberger, "The Bus" was Sean's first favorite player. Now, keep in mind that I never - repeat, never - do the face painting thing. But when I went to Pittsburgh (2004 vs. the Redskins), I was told that, to be part of the crew there that day, I had to get something. So I looked, and...

Yup, I got The Bus.

And there's our guy in the backfield, as seen from my seat that day, next to Big Ben.

Anyway, I'm surprised he got in, and I'm really pleased. Congratulations to him and the other inductees.

Here's a picture of Sean in 2004, the day after I went to Pittsburgh, just because.

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