Sunday, January 04, 2015

Stuart Scott

Sports has a sadness hanging over it today. Stuart Scott, the ESPN anchor, died early today at the age of 49.

Scott battled cancer three times. He leaves two daughters behind.

I'm struggling with this news today. To be blunt, and fair, I was never a fan of his work. But in reading everything this morning, and in everything I've heard about him in the past, he was a quality, great guy. He was the kind of guy I imagine I could have talked sports with for hours. I almost imagine he was the kind of guy who I could have had a great conversation with about broadcasting styles.

I admired the way the he fought cancer.

Forty-nine. Damn. Deadspin and ESPN have more.

The pillow, as cool as it might be, will have some tears on it tonight from a sports world saddened by this news.

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