Sunday, December 22, 2013

Pearlman and Degl

Jeff Pearlman's work has been lauded around these parts before. Sure, we disagree on things, but he's topical, occasionally controversial, and so on. He always gets me thinking in one way or another.

His Quaz is almost universally outstanding, because he highlights people you may or may not have heard of. His visit with Dave Fleming, for instance, was a highlight for me, since I graduated with Dave from Mahopac High School.

That brings us to John Degl. John also came out of the 'Pac, a few years behind me. He was an tremendous wrestler, and, to me, a pretty good kid.

I know, because I would often come over and watch John, and his brother Greg, when his parents would go out. During the summer, it was not uncommon to find the three of us eating at Texas Taco or Red Rooster, followed up by mini golf or bowling.

We almost always had a blast. I can remember shooting hoops outside of John's house, and my own friends stopping by to join us, since it was in a neighborhood (Lake MacGregor) full of kids I went to school with.

For the most part, I didn't have problems with John. If I did, we addressed it and moved on. But, maybe because I was a few years older, he seemed to respect me. He didn't give me a hard time overall.

I found out, through Jeff's writing, that John was actually a bully to Jeff. You'll learn that, and John's reaction, as well as a lot more in Jeff's Quaz with John. As you can see, time has healed some wounds, and everyone has moved on.

They're both good guys.

It's a good read.

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