Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Gathering with Mom in Connecticut, 12/24/2013.
Despite my Grinch-like feelings of a few days ago, there is no choice but to plunge forward and grab a little spirit.

My Christmas Eve was spent with Sean, doing shopping (some for him, in fact). Target and Best Buy were my places of choice.

I don't mind shopping on Christmas Eve, although I would prefer to avoid the food stores (and I did).

Later, Sean and I saw Mom, and we were joined by my sister's family for some Christmas Eve pizza. It was simple and fun. With Mom in rehab, I just couldn't see myself anywhere else.

Laura, her kids, and Sean and I made a late run to the Setti's house in Norwalk (Google it if you ever want to see a big light and decoration display). I've missed going there only once in roughly a decade so I was glad we were able to keep the tradition alive.

As we parked to walk around, some snow flakes had become to fall. That would, eventually, lead to a full-blown white-out.

That only seemed to enhance the atmosphere in Norwalk, as Santa and Mrs. Claus visited with visitors. For me, it gave me pause about the drive back to the Pac.

Overall, our trip was fair - save for sliding down a hill in Pound Ridge. Sean, recognizing my tension, actually began to massage my shoulders.

"I think you need this," he said. What a kid. I played it cool and thanked him. I didn't want him to worry.

We made it home, where Sean (again, he's 11) remained true to his belief in Santa. He already had the cookies and milk lined up by the time I wandered upstairs to check on him. Soon his letter to Santa would follow.

"Where did the reindeer get their names?" he inquired. He was also curious if Santa liked Skylanders (a toy/game thing, for those not in the know). Lastly, he apologized for leaving water, instead of milk in previous years.

After that, he was in bed, excited over the thought of what tomorrow (now today) will bring. Unfortunately, he is currently in bed, expecting nothing from this house, as I had told him that my gift would not arrive in time for Christmas. But, no, it made it today, and was actually sitting outside the front door when we got home.

His day should be merry and bright.

I hope that for all of you. I know this isn't always the easiest time of year, and I know some of you who are feeling intense sadness for one reason or another. I know many of you who agreed with my "Bah humbug" take on the holiday season. It has, in short, been a rough one for many.

I hope today that you find some joy.

Sean and I will be up in a few hours, and we will enjoy our time together before he goes back to his mother. It will be a quiet, yet happy time for us.

Then it will be over. Then it will be 2014.

Back to 24 hours of A Christmas Story.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

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