Thursday, August 22, 2013

I Don't Know, Let's Do Off the Bench!

Most days, I simply don't have the time (or can't find the time) to write on the ol blogsztremski.

This works in contrast to a comment I got last week, questioning that very thing: where do I find the time, energy, etc?

A lot of times, Thursday and Friday (and, occasionally, the weekend) are my time.  It's when The Bulletin is done.  In fact, Wednesday into Thursday is when I might catch up on sleep (such as this morning).

I suppose, to an extent, feedback might inspire me to write even more.  I've noticed that happen a few times before - a simple "keep it up" or "I read all of your stuff" and I feel like I want to get back to the keyboard.

I find that when I write here, I begin to get inspired.  There are moments when I'm just for what I'm writing professionally, but once I bang out a blog post  I started this post with no particular topic, but now I'm starting to feel inspired!

See?  Exit 55 to the rescue!

If you haven't heard about Martin Manley's suicide, and how he dealt with it, Google his name or start here.  In short, he created an incredible website.  He plotted out of his story and, ultimately, his death for some time.  He continued to write on his sports web site basically until the end, then wrote a goodbye.  Then, he killed himself, outside of a police station.  Wow.

He felt that his 60th birthday was the perfect time because, in essence, he didn't want to grow old.  He said he had no kids, his parents were gone, and so on.  He was in perfect health, wasn't depressed, and any other reason that one picks for the final exit.  I find it beyond fascinating, perhaps in a macabre way.

Yahoo!, by the way, where Manley originally put his website up, took it down.  But, in true fashion, many others, including the the hacker group Anonymous (and you don't eff with them), put it back up.  So...there.

Hard to believe that we are three weeks from opening the high school football season in Connecticut.  As usual, where does the time go?  I'm not sure if I should post a link to the - GASP - competition, but I like Dave Fierro, so that's that.  Dave wrote from the Greenwich Cardinals first practice on Tuesday.  There are a lot of questions for Big Red.  I can't wait to start answering them.

Things aren't 100% finalized for the 2013 broadcast team, pending approval.  I think I can tell you, without hesitation, that I'll be back calling the play-by-play and Chris "CJ" Erway will stand next to me as the lead analyst.  Chris Kaelin will walk the Greenwich sideline (and is the most likely backup for when CJ can't be with us).  Sean Kilkelly will man the corner of Lewis and Mason Streets.

I can further tell you that Jason Intrieri is back in his role as the FCIAC Insider (and I'd welcome anything else Jason would like to add - we'll finalize that eventually), and Paul Silverfarb has offered his services as well (we are Hersam Acorn Brothers, after all).

I have the names of the stats person and an opposing sideline reporter - pending approval.  So we'll finalize that and give you an official announcement soon.  Within the next three weeks.

In case you missed it, I've called two Bridgeport Bluefish games.  RJ Garcia is the lead dog there.  He's doing his best to learn on the fly, which isn't always easy.

I need to step in to a booth and do some baseball play-by-play. Wow do I miss it.  So I might go do a "mock" broadcast.  Yeah, I'll sit in a booth and call a game as if it's live.  I need new audio of my work.

I think this fall has the chance to be very active and very interesting.  Big times and hopefully big things going on.

Yes, I still think the Yankees are an 88-win team.  Yes, I still don't think they're making the playoffs.  But right now, they're making me look potentially bad.  That's fine.  I'll happily be wrong if they make the playoffs.

I really - REALLY - don't like Alex Rodriguez.  I tried to support him, because of my son.  Then he went and dumped on all of us.  Fooled us too many times.  Cheated, lied, etc.  Was he as bad for what he did as compared to Ryan Braun?  No.  Does he get more abuse than Braun, Miguel Tejada, etc? Yes.  Is there a witch hunt?  In my opinion - no.  But does the media pile on him?  You bet!


Ryan Dempster is an ass.  That's right.  You read it.  And Red Sox fans should also think that.

Dempster, who - with John Lackey - decided to play judge and jury, threw at A-Rod more times than Sean Estes did at Roger Clemens, before finally plunking him.  A-Rod did the right thing: run to first, say nothing.  He came around to score and helped tie the game, thanks to Dempster.  Then, later, he hit a home run.  That's right: he answered on the field with his bat.  The Yankees, down 6-3, won the game.

Thanks, Ryan.  Oh yeah, and thanks to umpire Brian O'Nora for lacking a clue.

Quite a night at the ol' Fens, wasn't it?

On the other side of my sports passion, the Steelers, honestly, look no better than an 8-8 squad.  I still think they're no better than 10-6.  They lack a running game, play calling looks awful, offensive line is shaky, defense looks old, and Big Ben has no weapons.

The other night on The Press Box was, honestly, one of our best hours ever.  Just a couple of guys talking the big issues.  There was minimal "schtick" and I prefer that.  I'm more about a balance.  I don't want to be too serious.  I want to be professional.  There was debate, conversation, but little fireworks.  A really well-done hour by Ryan, Kato, Max, and Paul.

That's enough for now.  To be continued.

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