Thursday, August 29, 2013

Another Thursday

Well here we are.  Another Thursday.

It's kind of become my day to jump on here and say "what's up?"

Or maybe it's my opportunity to say: "What day was yesterday?"

Hump DaayyYY...YEAH!

Thanks to Harold, we have this GREAT two-part documentary about Action Park, which to be honest, I never felt concerned about.  Apparently tons of people got injured there.  I laughed with friends, got bounced around on the rides, played mini golf and arcade games, and met girls.

I don't see a problem there.  But, apparently, I was one of the lucky ones.

In hindsight, watching these videos, it's AMAZING that my parents let me go there.  I don't think my dad, who was an avid newspaper record, ever saw anything about how bad it was.

Documentary Part 1
Documentary Part 2

A friend of mine was struggling with the notion that his kids were starting kindergarten.  Sean went and did a walk-through at middle school today.  I was along for that.

Time flies, without a doubt.

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