Thursday, August 29, 2013

Bart Palosz and the Sickness of Bullying

From Bart Palosz's Google+ site
If you haven't seen the story of Bart Palosz, then read what my friends and colleagues Ken Borsuk and Kait Shea wrote at the Greenwich Post website.

This story - of a 15-year-old Greenwich High School student who chose to end his life, perhaps due to bullying* - is chilling.  His Google + feed read with the thoughts of a troubled young person.  I won't post the link to it, but I read it and it sickened me.

He talked, quite openly, about killing himself.

* All of the facts aren't out, but there is enough chatter to suggest that it's real.  The investigation is continuing.  Whether that is the reason or not, it should serve as a wake up call regarding bullying.

It won't.  But it should.

Bullying happens - everywhere.  It happens - at every age.  It's nothing to screw around with.

This story is just, well, what can you say?

The signs HAVE to be taken seriously.  He talked of killing himself.

Then he did.

If Greenwich schools aren't doing enough about bullying, as I've heard charged, then let's hope they do something.  But it goes deeper than the administration.  It has to go down to all levels.  Staff and students.

Stand up to it.

Stop it.


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