Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Read This

Daniel Barden was seven on the morning of December 14, 2012.  He attended Sandy Hook Elementary School.
On occasion, I've been known to point you in the direction of things that are worthy of your time.

This is another one.

Jeff Pearlman gets the hat tip for recommending this on his blog.  It is wonderful writing by Eli Salow in the Washington Post on the saddest of topics.


You will likely cry, or at least tear up.  You will likely feel anger.  You will probably find a little nugget to smile at.

You will think.

You will want to stop what you're doing, and hug your own child.

It brings back the horror of the day.  The sadness.  The anger.

It's been just about six months.  I know I write this roughly 20 minutes from where it took place, but that should be irrelevant.  This was not about a region or a community.  Sure, it enveloped a town.  It defined them.  It turned them into a proper noun.


This was something that the world felt.  And we all should.



It's just not right.

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