Thursday, June 06, 2013

Joyous! The 2013 Greenwich Football Schedle is Out!

Let's start with the basics.  The Greenwich spring football game, known as "The Red and White Game" is scheduled for Saturday, June 15th at 10:00 AM.

(By the way, peeps, why do I have to dig for this stuff?  Can we show a wee bit of love to the radio guy?)

I have no word as to if we will broadcast it on WGCH, but I will let you know if it comes to be.

UPDATE: No.  That is all.

Now, for the main event: the 2014 schedule, taken straight from the CIAC website!

Thursday, September 12 - 6:00 - West Haven at Greenwich
Saturday, September 21 - 1:30 - Greenwich at Darien
Friday, September 27 - 7:00 - New Canaan at Greenwich
Saturday, October 5 - 2:00 - Greenwich at Trinity Catholic
Friday, October 11 - 7:00 - Norwalk at Greenwich
Friday, October 18 - 7:00 - Greenwich at Trumbull
Saturday, October 26 - 3:00 - Fairfield Warde at Greenwich
Friday, November 1 - 7:00 - Greenwich at Bridgeport Central
Friday, November 8 - 7:00 - Westhill at Greenwich
Friday, November 15 - 6:00 - Greenwich at Danbury
Thursday, November 28 - 10:00 - Greenwich at Staples (Thanksgiving)

OK, a few thoughts.  Off the top, GHS takes on West Haven in the FCIAC/SCC matchup.  Of course, this is a rematch of the 2002 Class LL title game.  The Cards lost that one in rather controversial fashion.

Then it's onto Darien.  Nice place, but from a broadcasting perspective, well, I've railed against it before. The booth is too small, the cell service is bad and so on.  So...expect to see us on the plaza outside of the booth.  Neither the team or I have fond memories of our last visit to Darien.

New Canaan.  What else is there to say?  Maybe MSG Varsity will bring their helicopter again?

Then to Trinity Catholic, a place that Greenwich hasn't visited since 2004.  The grass football field, no lights, old press box.  It's been a while.  That should be fun, as Donny Panapada coaches against his old friend Rich Albonizio.

Norwalk comes calling before we make the trek to Trumbull.  That's another place that can be troublesome for cell service.  That's one of a few long trips for Cardinals fans also.  I expect the Eagles to be good this year.  In fact, this schedule has a few tough games for Big Red.

The game against Fairfield Warde is most likely Homecoming.  Three o'clock is a late start, but we should be able to keep daylight (or turn the lights on at Cardinal Stadium).

Another long drive to Central follows.  Kennedy Stadium is long in the tooth but I tend to enjoy my trips there.  Then comes the trip to Danbury.  Assuming I'm still working in Ridgefield by then, this will be my shortest commute.  The people inside Crotty Stadium can be some of the friendliest in the FCIAC.  They've always been very nice to us.

Lastly, Staples.  As with New Canaan, what else is there to say?  Look for us outside of the booth and hope for the best (weather permitting).

I'm not looking to rush the summer along at all, but oh boy.  Let's get it on!

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