Monday, June 03, 2013

At the FDR Memorial

Lisa and I stumbled on a parking spot near the overwrought Franklin Delano Roosevelt memorial in Washington yesterday.

The memorials is a large display of images and statues and fountains from FDR's four terms in office.  Among the big payoff is a statue of the President with his famed dog, Falla, next to him.  Lisa had me pose for a picture next to the dog when I took off my Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel hat and put it on the dog.  We laughed.

A young boy sat down next to the dog statue after me, and must have thought the hat was a funny idea.  He put his Baltimore Orioles cap on it.  I told him if he left it on, I'd take a picture of it.

So I did.
I never did get his name.  But it was funny.

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